Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

This year has been the busiest year for CUF(F)LEY research that I can remember. It has been brought about by the Third World-Wide Gathering that was held in Beechworth Australia over the weekend of the 16th-17th October 1999 and the enthusiasm and interest it generated among CUF(F)LEYs world wide. Even those that could not travel to Beechworth sent their best wishes and before the event contributed to the information we have on the Family. There has been many new contacts this year and I hope to mention them all but if I forget any please accept my apology and put it down to my over excitement. The Internet pages have also contributed to the number of contacts made and if you have not already seen them you can find them at


and they may provide you with more information on our family.

I have also given a number of talks about Family History, the last on my Enfield CUFLEY Ratcatcher ancestors. The New Year will see this trend continue with talks on 'Record Keeping for a One Name Study' and 'Brickmaking'. The Brickmakers' Index is still creating a lot of interest and the correspondence is a problem. So many of these forget the SAE and those that enquire by E-mail clearly do not realise the time and effort required answering even a simple question. But enough of my moans and lets get on with our favourite subject, the CUF(F)LEYs.

CUF(F)LEY Gathering at Beechworth, Victoria Australia.

Let me tell you of our experiences of our trip down under and if itís a rather personal view I am sure you will forgive me. There were 8 CUF(F)LEYs from the UK and 5 CUFFLEYs from America with at least 30 Australian attendees. The reason I cannot give you a precise figure is that there seemed to be so many coming and going that they did not stand still long enough for me to count them.

We; that is Carole, myself, my brother John and his partner Jan who is also a Cufley descendent; started from Heathrow on Saturday 9th October flying to Singapore via Dubai. Two days sight seeing in Singapore then we flew to Melbourne and our first sight of Australia. We arrived in our Melbourne hotel at 2.00am on Wednesday 13th October. We were up by 8.30am for a tram ride around the city before we decided on what sights we wanted to see first. A light drizzle followed us about, but did not stop our enjoyment of the City. Our final visit of the day was to the Rialto Tower and its observation level where we had panoramic views of the whole City.

Barbara and Peter Cuffley with Bobbie.

The co-organisers of the 1999 Gathering.

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