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Each year when I get to this part of the Newsletter I am amazed how much has happened in the year. My thoughts go to the generosity of those that have written and sent information and I wonder what the next post or e-mail will bring. I am certain of one thing if we all pool our information and findings we will have a better knowledge of the family but we will never answer all the questions we ask ourselves about our ancestors.

It has become my habit to try to finish with a rhyme or piece of verse that is appropriate to wish you all a very happy Christmas. This year among the pieces JOHN AUSTIN CUFFLEY has sent me are the Newsletters of his swimming club. The challenge each time an edition arrives is to spot the article written by John. His subject range is amazing and there is always something to stimulate the imagination. In the June issue I found the following poem by and as Carole is a dog lover I thought this would answer this years need.

Greyhounds - Beautiful to see.

Legs so long and feet so sweet,

Dainty ears, small and neat,

Eyes like jewels, great and fine,

Shining brightly all the time.

Colours blending, as they run,

Bounding, leaping, in the sun,

Manners - oh so perfect be,

Always good - well -generally!

Doggies - like to have some space,

Even so, their perfect grace,

Is delightful to behold, Greyhounds three, so fine and bold,

Gorgeous - the only word Iím told, - pure as gold.

John Austin Cuffley

Now can you do better or have seen something that I can use next year?

Please do not hesitate to send it.


Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year

From Carole, David and family.


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