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Calico Printers.

Perhaps this section should be entitled the Wimbledon and Hertfordshire CUFFLEYs. Peter Cuffley has been very busy trying to prove the connection of EDWARD CUFFLEY the calico printer and the Banstead CUFFLEYs with Hertfordshire which would then take this line back to the 1600’s He’s put a lot of work into tracing the family in Hunsdon, Hexton and Sawbridgeworth . Slowly a fuller picture of these families is appearing. It needs only one positive link or reference to confirm that they are the same families; as we believe; migrated to Temple Mill near West Ham, Essex before moving to the Wimbledon, Surrey area.

New Book.

As most of you know Peter writes about one book a year on the history of Australia and its houses. This year he has started on ‘Researching Family History’ a subject dear to his, Barbara’s and my heart. The hope is that it will be published and available for the October gathering. Knowing the way Peter has taken examples of every day life to illustrate his other books I expect the CUF(F)LEYs will be mentioned in the new book. If you want a copy then I suggest you contact Peter at the address given at the end of this Newsletter.

Institute of Mechanical Engineers-Australian Branch.

A friend of my brother JOHN CUFLEY called Geof. came across the News Bulletin No 127 of the I. Mech. E., Australian Branch. It has details of their 150th Birthday Function and the visit they paid to Port Dock Railway Museum at Port Adelaide. In the party was JOHN CUFFLEY of the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers). Geof.’s first thought was that John was moonlighting and using the 2F variation as an alias. Not true Geof.! The fares were too great for the wages although the climate is better. Even John cannot drive that fast. The picture below for all the train buffs among you proves there are two JOHN CUF(F)LEYs.

How many CUF(F)LEYs in the Australia.

Using the same principals as explained above for America and using my address book, which has 17 people then the population, calculates at about 68 CUF(F)LEYs. Do you know better or have you a list of all the CUF(F)LEYs you know? If the answer is yes why not send me the list and I will try to produce a more accurate population count for next years Newsletter.


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