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A brave and fleet footed CUFFLEY.

NANCY CUFFLEY; the wife of WAYNE CUFFLEY; was working at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Manchester, Maryland on July 8th when two boys age 10 to 12 years old, stole some money from her purse. Nancy who often works barefoot gave chase and managed to catch one of the boys. She took the boy to the local police who asked her if they had also stolen her shoes. We were so surprised that she had chased them for in England we hear so many stories of knife and gunfights in America. Nancy is reported in the paper to have said that she was so mad when she realised what had happened that she thought 'how dare they' and gave chase. We are all thankful that she was not hurt and congratulate her on her bravery.

While talking about NANCY and WAYNE their eldest son 'Woody' WAYNE FORREST CUFFLEY was getting married this summer and a baby was due. No news and details of the wedding, the brides name and the new CUFFLEY but I expect the proud grandparents will send us details with their Christmas mail.

Seattle Cufleys.

Contact with Lois Kyle and her daughter Marni was mentioned in last years Newsletter as they are part of the Seattle Cufley group. This year has seen JAMES EDWARD CUFLEY and his brother LAWRENCE EUGENE CUFLEY contact us by E-mail, they are two of the five children of JAMES EDWARD CUFLEY and DAISEY B. NEWSHAM (FGS 4201). JAMES EDWARD CUFLEY was the eldest of 5 children born to EDWARD GEORGE CUFLEY (1878-1969) and MARION ELIZA WARD (?-1913) (FGS 1702). EDWARD GEORGE CUFLEY was the fourth child of seven children born to EDWARD GEORGE CUFLEY (1841-1891) and EMMA PEGGS (1851-1948). Originally EDWARD GEORGE CUFLEY (FGS 1702) and his family emigrated to Canada as did his brother WILLIAM CUFLEY (1873-1951) (FGS 4302) both about the turn of the century. It was WILLIAM that was mentioned last year as we had obtained his Canadian forces WW1 records.

Coincidence- Papers on C F H Cufley

Do you believe in coincidences? Well from the same family line came CYRIL FREDERICK HARDY CUFLEY ( 1911-1971) the author of ‘Ocean Freights and Chartering’, which has been mentioned in earlier Newsletters has been the subject of recent correspondence. One of my friends in the Guild of One Name Studies came across some copies of papers and sent them to me knowing of my interest in any CUF(F)LEY matters. They were the text of a lecture given by C F H Cufley F.I.C.S to a seminar of shipping managers on February 21st 1966 at the City of London College, London and ‘The monthly Freight Review’ number LXXXVI dated 2 March 1966, the editor was C. F. H. Cufley. The family of Cyril Cufley is shown on FGS 2101.

How many CUF(F)LEYs in the USA.

I now have an address book with 28 CUF(F)LEYs in the USA but how many do these represent as a total population? In 1981 the ratio of addresses to people in the UK was about 4 which if I use the same figure would indicate about 112 people. See below in the Australian section for establishing a population count for next year.



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