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The correspondence that resulted from last year's Newsletter included a number of references to a House being built by Fairview New Homes plc. called ‘The Cuffley’. JOHN AUSTIN CUFFLEY managed to visit one of the sites and acquired the brochures showing the details.

The builders must have thought they had a nutter on their hands when I telephoned them to ask for permission to reproduce the plans and elevation. Eventually I was transferred from one person to another from developer to advertising agent until I spoke to KEN BURKE of Roston Designs, the brochure designers. Ken said it was okay to reproduce the details on the condition we mention the source and Fairview New Homes plc and his company Roston Designs. Now that I’ve done that the diagrams produced in Black and white (sorry folks its cheaper to photocopy and scan) are shown below for your consideration.


The family group sheets are as usual under constant review and revision. The last 12 months have seen the updating or drawing up of the following sheets:-

1702, 1703, 2102, 3810, 3910, 4201, 4302 & 4401

If you need copies of the sheets, please write and ask for them.



We hear almost every day about the millennium, but when does it start? Is it 2000 or 2001? Whatever the British are busy building a dome on the site of an old gas works in Greenwich close by the Blackwall tunnel under the Thames. Did you know that when some of the CUFLEYs moved from Enfield to Woolwich in the 1870’s they worked as stokers in the same Gas works? Earlier this year JOHN , JAN and I managed to get invited to look around the construction site. Strange to think that in years to come people will ask did you see the dome and we would be able to say we were there when they built it.


CUFLEY at the Millennium Dome


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