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EDWARD 'TED' THOMAS CUFLEY, b 1922, m 1942, d 1997.

One of the saddest aspects of the Christmas period is learning of the members of our family that have died during the year. JOHN & JEAN CUFLEY wrote from Powys to say their father ‘TED’ had passed away in May 1997 following an illness that was diagnosed as cancer. It was Ted and Gladys that were among my earliest correspondents when I first started the one name study into the CUF(F)LEY family. Gladys passed away just before the 1993 CUF(F)LEY family gathering, but Ted and his son John and his wife Jean attended and helped to make the occasion the success it was. Ted is also descended from the Enfield CUFLEY Line. His family is recorded on the FG sheets 101 and 100.



New Arrivals are always very good news. JOHN and KATHLEEN CUFFLEY wrote from Shropshire to tell us that they were now Grandparents. Their son DAVID and his wife CATHERINE had a son OLIVER and their other son TIM and his wife LOUISE had also given birth to a son ADAM. The precise details are not known but I have updated the family group sheet 1602, which now covers four generations of their family. At this rate I will soon have to split it down and redraw the family tree on a number of sheets.



Still no news on the JOHN CUFFLEY drummer with the Climax Blues Band and previously part of the Emile Ford and the Checkmates group.

Mussel Loader

Last year I mentioned a few CUF(F)LEYs that had appeared in articles on the Internet. Some of those mentioned have been recognised. The Seattle CUF(F)LEYs have made contact see ‘Seattle Cufleys’ and we can position them in our family tree. Wayne Cuffley wrote from Baltimore to claim CHARLES D CUFFLEY who had won a Bull Elk Muzzle loading competition as his brother and serving with the American Air Force in Utah.

Phoenix Jug.

This year JOHN AUSTIN CUFFLEY sent me a box containing a black milk jug with a golden phoenix motif. On turning it over the makers mark said "Phoenix" by JOHN CUFFLEY , Portmerion Pottery, Stoke on Trent. Made in England. Another talented member of the family, but who is he?? If you know, then please write and tell me. I tried writing to the Pottery addressing the letter to JOHN CUFFLEY and enclosed a SAE for a reply, but to date no reply.


ALLAN CUFLEY from Hampshire was reading some papers he had got from his mother about the CUF(F)LEYs. These included a Newsletter and following prompting from his wife LAUREL he rang the telephone number to see if David Cufley was still there. I was and we had a good chat. Hopefully ALLAN will soon be sending his family details for us to complete this family tree in the archives.

Double glazing salesmen may not be everyone’s favourite people. When Carole rang a company called Sutton’s to get a quotation on a door for her mother, she was a little surprised to be told the salesman was VINCE CUFLEY and with one ‘F’. Well eventually we ordered the door and discovered Vince is one of my family groups, descended out of the Enfield Cufley’s and a third cousin.



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