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CUF(F)LEY Gathering in Australia 1999.

Arrangements for a gathering of CUF(F)LEYs have progressed and it will be over the weekend of the 15th to 17th October 1999, the venue is Beechworth in Victoria, Australia. Peter and Barbara Cuffley with his brother Brian are making arrangements and forming a programme for the weekend. Carole and I together with my brother John and his partner Jan have made our bookings for the trip that will take us from London via Singapore to Melbourne.

We will spend a day sight seeing in Melbourne before driving up to Castlemaine to meet Peter and Barbara.

On Friday, October 15, we drive to Beechworth ready for the Gathering. Saturday and Sunday is set for the guided tours of the area and the getting to know you part of the CUF(F)LEY GATHERING.

Monday 18th October David and Carole drive to Omeo to check out CUFLEY details in Omeo before going on to Canberra and then to Sydney for some more sight seeing ( I’ve just got to see the Opera House and Harbour bridge). As this will be tiring we plan to spend a week near Cairns at Palm Cove and stay at one of the Great Barrier Reef Resorts. Rested we then fly back to the UK with a short stop in Hong Kong on the way.

As you know, from last years Newsletter, John and Jan met Peter and Barbara in 1997 so after the Gathering instead of their heading east with us they are going to find out what western Australia is like. Carole and I will meet up with Jan & John again in Hong Kong where we will be staying at the same Hotel.

If you have not booked your 1999 holiday and have fancied Australia to see what its like down under why not try to get to Beechworth for the October 16 & 17th weekend. Peters picked a venue that can accommodate whoever wants to come so don’t worry about overbooking. If you want information please do not hesitate to contact either Peter or myself, our addresses are at the end of this Newsletter. We would love to meet you all. It will be exactly 3 years since the American gathering and 6 years since the first gathering in England at South Mimms not far from the centre of the World known as CUFFLEY, Hertfordshire.

BEECHWORTH, VICTORIA. An extract from the Beechworth Discovery Guide.

Said to be Victoria’s best preserved gold town, Beechworth, lies cradled in the foothills of the Australian Alps. Declared a Notable Town, one of only two in Victoria, it has over thirty buildings listed by the National Trust. This fascinating and beautiful area is a place of marked contrasts, tumbling waterfalls, quiet streams, deep rocky gorges and placid valleys with cattle grazing where towns have long since vanished and where miners of bygone days toiled in search of gold. Over four million ounces of gold - 115 tonnes or approx. two billion dollars ( at 1997 prices) were found in the first 14 years after its discovery in 1852. The town’s wide tree-lined and solid dignified buildings, still in their original splendour, are reminiscent of the bustling gold days when the streets rang with the clamour and excitement of the quest for gold. The town was closely associated with the infamous Ned Kelly and his gang. Visit the cell where he was held in his youth and see the gaol where he, his mother and sympathisers were imprisoned, and the courthouse where his final trial commenced. A range of galleries and potteries, in addition to the many and varied tourist attractions are fascinating places to visit. They offer a vast array of hand-made and locally produced handcrafts. The many speciality shops have for sale unique and interesting merchandise. Beechworth has a range of recreational opportunities unequalled in quality and variety, including gold and gemstone fossicking, fishing, 4-Wheel Driving, bushwalking and exploring. Beechworth has accommodation for everyone - hotels, motels, guesthouses, B&Bs, hostels, caravan parks and cabins. Quality restaurants, coffee shops and eating-places offer excellent local produce and foods to suit all tastes. Local wineries produce some of the finest reds and whites in the area. Beechworth’s central location, proximity to the wineries snowfields (snow in Australia they must think we will believe anything) and waterways, together with its spectacular scenery and wealth of history, makes it an ideal base from which to discover the north-east region of Victoria.


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