Happy Christmas and welcome to the 16th edition of the Newsletter, the first that will be put on the Internet for everyone's use and information.

 I have just reread the 1997 Newsletter before starting to write this year's edition. Not much changes. I am as late as ever, I have writer's block; as the fingers hit the first keys; and the year has been as hectic as ever. One would think that having given up the Chairmanship of North West Kent Family History Society after 5 years I would find I had time on my hands. Not so, it’s like a vacuum remove the cover and everything rushes in to fill the space. There have been new contacts this year and the Brickmakers Index has continued with a life of its own. Part of this lack of time is my own fault. I had this brilliant idea to create a homepage on the Internet to help me answer enquires without writing letters or e-mails. You can see them at:-


Now the mail has increased and I am behind with responding to the enquires. The CUF(F)LEYs are no problem as they are firstly related and secondly there are not many of us in the world. The brickmakers are another problem for it seems some people do not know the difference in a brickmaker and a bricklayer. There has obviously been millions of Brickmakers over time but brick layers must have numbered in their billions. Just in case you want to know the difference ‘The BRICKMAKERS index’ is for brickmakers and other workers who worked in the brickfields, brickyards and brickworks making bricks, tiles and other clay products. It does not include bricklayers or masons who made walls by laying bricks or stones. It’s hard enough to trace itinerant brickmakers but to try and trace bricklayers and masons who would have travelled from building site to building site is even harder. I have done a few talks this year on either ‘Starting Family History’ or ‘Brickmakers’ and the trend continues with about 6 bookings already for 1999. A few of my articles have been published plus a number of reviews on family history subjects.

But enough of this whinging lets talk about our favourite subject the CUF(F)LEYs.

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