The October 1999

    CUF(F)LEY Gathering

    Group photograph taken during the visit to Beechworth Courthouse at the 3rd World-Wide gathering, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia by Carole Cufley.

    The people in the group from left to right are:-

    Edward 'Ted' Williams (FGS 704), John A. Cuffley (FGS 2402), Susan Baker nee Cufley (FGS 703), Phillip Cufley (FGS 703), David Cufley (FGS 1), Patrick Cuffley (with hat) (FGS1002), Brian Cuffley (FGS 1002), Geof Johnson (FGS 1003), William Cuffley (FGS 1002) John P. Cuffley (FGS 1602), Liam Cuffley (FGS 1002) John Cufley (FGS 1), Janice Harwood nee Cufley (FGS 401), Michael Cuffley (FGS 2001), Wayne Cuffley (FGS 2001), Jennifer Cuffley (FGS 2000), Veronica Smith nee Cuffley (FGS 1101), Corey Cuffley (FGS 2001), Aaron David Cuffley (crouching) (FGS 2000), Sharie Tierney nee Cuffley (FGS 1003), Peter Cuffley (FGS 1002) Nancy Johnson nee Cuffley (FGS 1003) Nanette Corones nee Cuffley(FGS 1003), E. John Cufley (FGS 2001)

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