CUF(F)LEY One Name Study.

Since 1966, I have been researching the CUFLEY and CUFFLEY families worldwide.

I am a member of the Guild of One Name Studies, membership No. 496 for the registered name CUF(F)LEY.

There are a number of principal groups of people with this or variants of the surname world wide, mainly in England, America, Australia and Canada. The roots of these families can be traced back to the Home Counties in England.

 The root of the CUF(F)LEY surname can be found in the village of CUFFLEY in the parish of Northaw, which is in the south of the county of Hertfordshire. The various spellings of the name is given in 'The place names of Hertfordshire', by J.E.B Gover, Allen Mawer & F.M Stenton as:-

KUFFELE 1255                                COFFELE(YE) 1275

CUFFELE 1244                                COUFFELE 1321

It is thought to be a place name derived from a personal name. The name CUFFA is reputed to be on record. 'CUFFA'S LEAH', is CUFFA a man's name with the suffix of LEAH the old English for a wood glade or clearing in the wood, modified to 'LEY' to form the surname. There are other CUF(F)LEY place names.

Variants of the surname found in the records include :-

CUFLEY,                                                       CUFFLEY,

CUF(F)LEE                                                   CUF(F)LEYE,

COUF(F)LEY,                                               CUF(F)LY,


The distribution of the CUF(F)LEY families is shown of the two maps CUF(F)LEY Birth distribution 1837-1901 and CUF(F)LEY First Marriage distribution 1837-1901.


Since 1983 a CUF(F)LEY Newsletter has been produced and distributed to the members of the 'family' who are interested in the family's history. It is hoped that all the Newsletters will be available online eventually. Up to 2000 they were issued at Christmas time each year but since 2001 they have been issued in July.

You can see some of them by clicking CUF(F)LEY. We hope you enjoy them.


As you can imagine there has been a lot of data on the CUF(F)LEY families gathered over the years. This has been produced and distributed to the members of the 'family' who are interested in the family's history. Some of this information is now freely available on this web site and is set out and can be seen by clicking on the CUF(F)LEY DATA page.


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