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Electronic mail address. David Cufley .

If you have something to contribute to either the CUF(F)LEY One Name Study or to the Brickmakers Index, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you wish to enquire of the CU(F)LEY One Name Study please feel free to use the email address above adding a subject line giving your CUF(F)LEY ancestors name.

If you wish to enquire of the Brickmakers Index please do not send an email but send a postal enquiry setting out the details you know to the below address enclosing a stamped addresses envelope.

PLEASE DO NOT contact me about any other family history research subject as I am an enthusiastic amateur and NOT a professional researcher.

Postal address. To enquire or offer information send details with SAE or donation if you want a reply to David Cufley, Windycroft, Herongate Road, Hextable, Kent. BR8 7RQ. U.K.



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